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Lip Tattoos + Your Guide to Permanent Lip Makeup

Lip blushing, or lip tattoos, is a semi-permanent way to enhance the shape and tint of the lips. Similar to microblade brows, this is quickly becoming a popular treatment. Lip tattoos can help to add definition, enhance color, and create symmetry in the lips. Here is your guide to permanent lip makeup.

Lip Blushing AKA Lip Tattoos

There are many types and names for lip blushing, such as lip tattooing, lip contouring, tattooed lip liner, lip blush, and a full tint. Regardless of the name, this process involves implanting a specialized color pigment into the skin. This is done by permanent makeup artist with a special tattoo machine.

These treatments are done at a lower speed and frequency than traditional tattoo machines. Furthermore, the ultra-fine needles gently deposit the color throughout the lip area, using different techniques to achieve the look you want.

The lip blush method gives a beautiful finish of shading and blending for a more natural look while the contour and blend method aims to replace lost of faded pigment to the outer edge of the lips. This reinforces the shape of the lips and gives a natural look to the lips while avoiding any harsh lines.

Benefits of Lip Tattoos

Other than a beautiful color that won’t fade or smudge no matter how many cocktails you down, lip tattooing defines the shape of the lips and can make them look larger or fuller. Not to mention it is a great way to bring symmetry to uneven lips. Different techniques can be used to correct the shape of the lips and bring more balance to your face.

During Lip Blushing

After a full consultation, the provider will discuss exactly what you want to achieve, including color and shape, while considering your natural color. Then, he/she will pre-draw the lips using pencil, carefully measuring to ensure perfection. Once the client is happy with drawing, the tattooing can begin. This can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as two hours.

Does Lip Tattooing Hurt?

Most clients say it hurts less than they expected. Most providers apply a numbing cream to ensure your comfort. Typically, you may experience a scratch or vibrating sensation, but it should not be painful. This is nowhere near as aggressive as traditional tattoos.


After your procedure, your lips may be sore and tender but there is no downtime. You may experience some flaking as the lips heal and its important to remember that color is much more intense for the first few days. You can apply a healing lip balm, but you should avoid lipstick during healing, since it could lead to infection.

Results will depend on your lifestyle, but it can last anywhere from 1-3 years. The color will fade and lighten naturally over time so you may choose to undergo a touch up every 6-12 months.

Beautifully Blushed Lips in Gaithersburg Maryland

If you are ready to ditch the lip stick and get perfectly tinted lips, contact Studio Booseh today.


Studio Booseh offers the following semi-permanent makeup services in a sanitary and clean environment. Your health and comfort are top priority. Our studio has been health inspected, and has all necessary licenses and permits to ensure your procedure is done using clean and safe practices. We use most organic pigments for our semi permanent tattoo treatments that are safe for MRI and Xray.

Permanent Lip Makeup


Pigment is deposited on the lips to create a sheer wash of color that brightens and defines the lip contours . Color is soft and transparent to create a "just bitten" look.  *A perfecting touch up appointment is recommended for optimal results. ​

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