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Studio Booseh offers the following semi-permanent makeup services in a sanitary and clean environment. Your health and comfort are top priority. Our studio has been health inspected, and has all necessary licenses and permits to ensure your procedure is done using clean and safe practices. We use most organic pigments for our semi permanent tattoo treatments that are safe for MRI and Xray.

Eyebrow Treatment


Pigment is etched into skin using a hair stroke pattern to build your brow into fuller look and shape. Results in a natural looking brow resembling bare brows without makeup.

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup


Hair strokes & shading methods are combined to add hair strokes and a sheer powder finish for a multi dimensional brow. Looks like your natural brows with soft powder makeup applied. *A perfecting touch up appointment is highly recommended for optimal results.



This service combines the look of natural hair strokes & soft powder to give your brows a sheer pop of color. By doing this service with a machine, you'll receive longer lasting results, less scar tissue over time, and better color retention.

Image by Atikh Bana


Pigment is deposited on the lash line with a digital device to create the look of a fuller lash line. Lash liner can be stylized to create an eyeliner look.  *A perfecting touch up appointment is highly recommended for optimal results. ​

Permanent Lip Makeup


Pigment is deposited on the lips to create a sheer wash of color that brightens and defines the lip contours . Color is soft and transparent to create a "just bitten" look.  *A perfecting touch up appointment is recommended for optimal results. ​

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